Pyro Reel

Close Proximity Effects

Co2 Jets
Outdoor Event

Our pyrotechnic effects can be used either on stage or outdoors and provide a spectacular way to enhance your event. Augment your show with the use of CO2 jets, flame machines and confetti to give it that something extra. Chat with us to create a tailored quote and start your next event with a bang.


Wedding Proposal
Wedding Gerbs
Coloured Smoke

Light up your wedding or proposal with pyrotechnics during your first dance, confetti during the cutting of the cake and coloured smoke during your photoshoot. We customise the effects to your taste and budget making your special day just that little bit more special.

Outdoor Displays

Outdoor Display
Outdoor Display
Outdoor Display

Looking for something bigger and wanting to light up the sky above your event? Our outdoor displays range from smaller effects up to large scale Pyromusicals. Speak to us today to create dazzling effects at your next show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pyrotechnics safe?

Pyrotechnics can be safe when handled with proper care and adherence to safety. Our team is trained to take safety into consideration above all else. It is important to remember that pyrotechnics and fireworks are explosive devices and as such always have a low level of risk that must be considered for every event.

Do you sell fireworks?

No, we are not permitted to sell to the public.

What permission is needed?

Pyrotechnics are regulated by the Explosives Act and the Explosives Regulations. As such, we require a minimum of 14 working days notice to apply for a permit from the South African Police Service. We will also need to apply for permission from the local municipality/fire department. We require a few documents such as a site plan, venue consent and letter of appointments.

Should the pyrotechnics be used outdoors we will also apply for permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. We may also require a site visit and inspection with the local fire department and/or SAPS.

Can I use pyrotechnics without a technician?

No, pyrotechnics are regulated and as such only qualified technicians are allowed to handle them. Our team have pyrotechnicians both for indoor and outdoor events that are trained to handle and operate the effects in safe manner.