Company Profile

Company Name SAS Audio Visual (Pty) Ltd
Trading As SAS Productions
Company Registration 2013/110296/07
VAT Registration 4930269438
Location Durban, South Africa
Directors Brendan Kruger, Chris Stranex
BEE Status Level 4

Mission Statement

SAS Productions aspires to become the de facto standard for lighting and special effects in South Africa. We pledge to offer the most attractive price to performance ratio by running seamless productions, going the extra mile to provide unparalleled customer service and offering tailor-made solutions. By continual research, design and development, we strive to improve our abilities and keep up to date with the latest technologies available to benefit our clients. Our enthusiasm and attention to detail for each individual production will distinguish us from other companies.

In addition, we seek to maintain a happy working environment for our employees in which each voice is highly valued, as well as fostering co-operative partnerships with other companies in the immediate area. We believe in symbiotic relationships with those around us to achieve the best interests of our clients.

Value System

The core values that govern all our decision-making are as follows:

  1. Professionalism - To uphold both a high standard of service and a professional attitude towards clients
  2. Communication - To maintain a clear channel of two-way communication between ourselves and the client, ensuring the client actively participates in both the conceptual and performance stages of the production
  3. Safety - To prioritize the safety of all involved above all other issues
  4. Creativity - To delve into innovative solutions that pique the client’s imagination, treating each production as a unique challenge

Our Guarantee

We pledge to our clients to do everything in our ability to provide a seamless and smooth service with repeatable quality and satisfaction. In the event of any glitches we promise to keep our client informed and to deal with any situations as quickly and succinctly as possible.

Brief History

SAS Productions emerged as a project between school friends Brendan Kruger and Chris Stranex in 2009. The pair evolved from party DJ’ing to live sound for local bands like Stealing Love Jones, all while completing honours degrees (cum laude) at UKZN. Music has been a constant driving passion in the company as its activities grew to theatre sound, conferencing, pryotechnics and freelancing, while also accumulating a large stock of sound and lighting equipment. Reflecting these down-to-earth beginnings, the company has built up a reputation as reliable, honest and passionate.

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